A special christmas treat…

As many of our blog followers know, Italian author/illustrator Davide Cali toured Adelaide, Melbourne and Sydney in May this year.

As a special thank you to the Wilkins Farago team he gave each of us a ‘blad’ or author/illustrator proof of one of his stories. As you can see from the images below this is illustrated by him as a guide for the illustrator and the publisher. This is actually quite an unusual way of working, but because Davide is also a cartoonist he can’t help but see the story playing out in his head as he writes, ‘like watching a film.’

Here are some of the beautiful illustrations from the proof for Santa’s Suit... enjoy!

Cover 500

Title Page 500Le Costume De Pere Noel p.1 500 Le Costume De Pere Noel p.3 500 Le Costume De Pere Noel p.7 500 Le Costume De Pere Noel p.13 500 Le Costume De Pere Noel p.18 500And this is how the final book turned out – with equally charming illustrations by Eric Heliot. If you would like read more about Santa’s Suit please click on the image below.

Santa's Suit


Davide Cali blog tour starts today!

DAY ONE. Kids Book Review kicked off the Davide Cali blog tour today.

Each hour, Kids Book Review will post reviews of Davide Cali’s books, culminating tonight with an exclusive feature interview with the author. They’re also running a fabulous competition to win a complete set of his Wilkins Farago books.

Kids Book Review is a 100% voluntary children’s literature and book review site. It covers news, reviews, interviews, articles, guest posts, events, specialist literacy articles and much more, attracting readers from all over the world including teachers, librarians, industry professionals and parents and kids. They achieve over 55,000 hits per month (and growing), and are one of the most respected literary sites on the web.

Davide Cali arrives in Australia on 16 May for a 2-week tour.

The Davide Cali blog tour is taking place between today and 15 May, as a countdown to Davide’s first visit to Australia from 16 to 28 May. Every day some of Australia’s most interesting book bloggers will be posting interviews with him, reviewing his books, offering giveaways and maybe giving a sneak peak of his award-winning new book, 10 Little Insects.

You can check out the full blog tour here.

Wilkins Farago books for NSW Premier’s Reading Challenge

FOUR WILKINS FARAGO books are on the recommend reading lists for this year’s NSW Premier’s Reading Challenge, which runs until 1 September.

  • Davide Cali’s Santa’s Suit (illustrated by Eric Heliot) is on the list for Years 3 and 4
  • The Red Piano by André Leblanc and Barroux is on the list for Years 5 and 6
For more information about the Challenge, visit https://products.schools.nsw.edu.au/prc/home.html.

Davide Cali: the banner

ANNA HAS JUST completed a natty looking promotional banner for Davide Cali, who is touring in May.

The banner, which emphasises Cali’s enormous reputation across Europe, has been starring at the Leading Edge Books annual conference this past weekend, and we’ll be using it at events throughout Cali’s visit.

It’s also served to remind us just how many books we’ve published by this innovative, thought-provoking and witty author over the past five years. We’re typesetting a new book right now too – of which, more anon!

Davide Cali coming to Australia in 2012

We've published eight of Davide Cali's books so far.

A great Christmas present for us and Australian kids. One of Europe’s top kids’ writers, Swiss-Italian Davide Cali, is going to tour Australia in May 2012. The tour is part of our activities as a Partner of the National Year of Reading 2012. We’ve set up a special page for his tour, which you can view here.

A little Christmas present from us to you

We had quite a bit of fun making this video version of Santa’s Suit, Davide Cali and Eric Heliot’s popular Christmas tale.

Feel free to share it with the kids in your life, whoever and wherever they may be.

A very Merry Christmas from all of us at Wilkins Farago!

State reading challenges approach their climax

On the Victorian Premier's Reading Challenge booklist

ACROSS Australia, school kids are gearing up for the last weeks of various state Reading Challenges. These State Government-sponsored read-a-thons encourage kids of school age to read a certain number of books within a fixed period of time. Most of these books have to be from prepared lists.

While the rules vary from state to state, the good news is there are Wilkins Farago books on booklists for several of the challenges across the country.

NSW Premier’s Reading Challenge

In New South Wales, school students have until 1 September to complete their reading targets. We have three books on this year’s NSW Premier’s Reading Challenge booklists:

  • Davide Cali and Anna Laura Cantone’s marvellous A Dad Who Measures Up is a new addition to the Kindergarten-to-Year 2 Booklist this year. K–2 kids have to read 30 books between 1 February and 1 September, 25 of which have to be from PRC’s booklists.
  • Another by Davide Cali title, the delightful Santa’s Suit (illustrated by Eric Heliot), is on the Years 3 and 4 booklist. Kids at this level have to read 20 books, 15 of which have to be from the booklists.

On the NSW booklist

  • André Leblanc and Barroux’s moving The Red Piano (just reprinted) is on the Years 5 and 6 booklist, as it was last year. Year 5 and 6 kids also have to read 20 books, including 15 from the lists.
The Red Piano

Listed for the challenges in SA and NSW

South Australian Premier’s Reading Challenge

Meanwhile, in South Australia, the SA Premier’s Reading Challenge ends on 9 September and our The Red Piano is on the booklist for Year 6 and older. Kids at participating schools in South Australia (and the Northern Territory) are encouraged to read 12 books, at least 8 of which should be from the recommended booklists.

Victorian Premier’s Reading Challenge

The Victorian Premiers’ Reading Challenge ends on 16 September. Our title Waiting for Mummy is on the reading list for Grades 3 and 4.

Other states and territories

Here’s some information about the other state and territory challenges:

On the NSW list

Reading for charity

There are also two projects that encourage readers to read for charity:

  • The MS Readathon is run to support research into multiple sclerosis and celebrated its 30th year in 2009. Its 2011 readathon runs for any 30 days in June and July.
  • The fabulous Indigenous Literacy Project, a partnership between the Australian book industry and the Fred Hollows Foundation, is this year running a Great Book Swap Challenge to raise money for indigenous literacy. Kids bring a favourite book to school with a gold coin donation and swap it for another book brought in by a schoolmate.