Walk safely to school with Sam and his Dad…

To celebrate Walk Safely to School Day here’s a sneak peek of Serge Bloch’s charming illustrations about Sam and his Dad

Sam and his Dad

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And here’s the book trailer!

Sam and His Dad Book Trailer


Two great gifts for Father’s Day

If you’re looking for a gift a child can give to Dad on Father’s Day look no further. We have two delightful picture books that Dad will love sharing with the giver.

Sam and His Dad

A joyful and funny celebration of ordinary family life, Sam and His Dad is the English translation of Serge Bloch’s modern French classic. Sam is a little boy full of energy and life. This book is about all the things he gets up to with his family, and especially with his dad.

The contrast between how Sam sees life, and how his dad experiences it, makes for some hilarious moments. As one enthusiastic reviewer noted,

It is the simplicity of the story line that creates the magic in this book.

  • Buy the hardback here (postage free within Australia)

A Dad Who Measures Up

If you don’t have a dad already, how do you find one as wonderful as your mum?

That’s the challenge taken on by the little girl in Davide Cali and Anna-Laura Cantone’s A Dad Who Measures Up.

]The answer? Put an ad in the local paper, then interview the daddy-candidates who mass in front of the house the next day.

Whimsical and heart-warming, this is a book that makes us think about what makes a great dad.

  • Buy the hardback here (postage free within Australia)
  • Buy the paperback here (postage free within Australia)

Sam at play with his dad: an extract from Serge Bloch’s ‘Sam and his Dad’

Imagining super dad: a detail from one of Anna-Laura Cantone’s illustrations for ‘A Dad Who Measures Up’

Clunes Booktown Festival Top 10

Why? by Lila Prap

Lila Prap’s hilarious ‘Why?’ suggests why animals look and behave the way they do.

Here are the top selling Wilkins Farago books at last weekend’s Clunes Booktown Festival:

  1. Why? by Lila Prap
  2. Sam and His Dad by Serge Bloch
  3. Waiting for Mummy by Tae-Jun Lee and Dong-Sung Kim
  4. 3 Wishes for Pugman by Sebastian Meschenmoser
  5. Kampung Boy by Lat
  6. Teaching Kids to Read by Fay Tran
  7. I Love Kissing You by Davide Cali and Serge  Bloch
  8. The Bear with the Sword by Davide Cali and Gianluca Foli
  9. What is this thing called love? by Davide Cali and Anna Laura Cantone
  10. The Enemy by Davide Cali and Serge Bloch

Wilkins Farago books for NSW Premier’s Reading Challenge

FOUR WILKINS FARAGO books are on the recommend reading lists for this year’s NSW Premier’s Reading Challenge, which runs until 1 September.

  • Davide Cali’s Santa’s Suit (illustrated by Eric Heliot) is on the list for Years 3 and 4
  • The Red Piano by André Leblanc and Barroux is on the list for Years 5 and 6
For more information about the Challenge, visit https://products.schools.nsw.edu.au/prc/home.html.

‘Sam and his Dad’ a stand-out: My Little Bookcase

'This book stands out from other father's titles'

A HEARTFELT review of Sam and his Dad by Jackie Small of kids’ book blog My Little Bookcase over the weekend:

This book stands out from other father’s titles for me. Sam and his Dad is a warm, beautiful and gently humorous story about a dad’s place in the family.

The story is not gimmicky and doesn’t revolve around a list of what makes dads fun, but instead provides a sincere and honest snapshot of family life and the father’s comforting presence.

This is a story of Sam who, on the very first page of the book, tells the reader, “When I grow up, I want to be just like my dad!” It really sets the scene for the book and how, as the reader, we perceive the father.

Sam shares tidbits of his family’s life: the way his brother takes his spot in their parent’s bed; that he enjoys listening to the stories that his Grandma records for him and that his mum still makes him bottles even though he is too big for them.

Most of the anecdotes he shares however, are about his dad. It’s the small, everyday things that make his dad so lovable. Sam’s dad is a professional illustrator, but he takes the time to draw for his son. He doesn’t like being called ‘Big Daddy’, but loves dressing up and sharing stories with Sam. When everyone is ready to play, dad falls asleep. But he always seems to be there when Sam needs him.

Of particular note for me is the presence of the father. He is a part of this family in a very real, supportive sense. He is a wonderful role-model, for his family and for the reader, who challenges gender roles. You see him reading, playing and doing the shopping.

This French classic, published for the first time in English by Wilkins Farago, is bound in a sophisticated, beige cloth cover. The illustrations are ink-line style sketches, but full of colour (not dissimilar to the style of Quentin Blake). I believe these features, along with the storyline, help to make this a timeless story that can be shared between generations.

I would like to thank Wilkins Farago for a review copy of Sam and His Dad. I also felt a desire to pass this book onto my brother who has a son. I feel strongly that this is a particularly special book for a father to share with his son because it is strong, yet sentimental.

You can visit Jackie’s excellent blog, which ‘celebrates the value of a traditional book, the joys of reading and quality time shared between parent and child,’ here.

Sam and his dad – ‘ a sheer pleasure to read’

WE ARE thrilled with this excellent review for Sam and his dad in this month’s issue of Magpies magazine.

The blurb on the back of this book sums up the story as a celebration not only of dad but of all the little pleasures of family life. I couldn’t agree more!

The day to day life of Sam… short for Samuel. But I prefer Supersam and his family, particularly the relationship with his dad, which is simply and poignantly told.

There is much of the day to day living of an ordinary family in this book; from Sam’s relationship with the other members of his family – my-darling-Mummy-whom-I-love-to-bits and his younger brother Leon who is always ready to muck around with me … to days spent playing in the park, watching dad work, playing and holidaying as well as time spent alone. It is the simplicity of the story line that creates the magic in this book.

The almost old fashioned texture of the cover combined with the illustrated relief of Sam and his dad makes this book feel like it should be treasured like a well loved book from ones’ childhood. 

Accompanied by terrific illustrations, Sam and his Dad, which is translated from the French language edition of Sam et son papa of 2009, is a gem and a lovely example of how family relationships can be universal.

A sheer pleasure to read by oneself or with others. 

Magpies Magazine, Sharon Greenaway

If you’re interested in children’s books and don’t already subscribe to Magpies – we highly recommend that you do!

New Bloch ‘delightful … gorgeous … beautifully designed’

Sam and his Dad

'Beautifully designed'

ANOTHER very encouraging review of Serge Bloch’s new Sam and his Dad by Tania McCartney on Kids Book Review. Here’s an extract:

This delightful book by French author/illustrator Bloch is a gorgeous slice-of-life look at a typical family and their idiosyncrasies … Loving the quirky, very French illustrations of this gorgeous lad and his family – with a focus on Sam’s wonderful dad and the valued pieces of the puzzle dads contribute to the family so well.

Beautifully designed and bound, this is yet another Wilkins Farago book destined to be a keeper.

I was buoyed too by one of the comments her post received:

Absolutely fantastic book! I like to see books written for boys, about boys – and the nurturing men in their lives! I don’t think we see enough of that. Nicely reviewed.

Couldn’t agree more. You can read Tania’s complete review here.