What type of chocolate-eater are you?

I Like Chocolate In May last year Victorian CBCA president Jo Goodman interviewed our author Davide Cali for Magpies magazine, in a cute little cafe in Eltham.

One of the books they talked about was Davide’s story I Like Chocolate illustrated by Evelyn Daviddi. We thought, with Easter fast approaching, and all the chocolate day dreaming going on … you’d enjoy this part of the interview:

I Like Chocolate is an enticing title, and the preponderance of chocolate colours is relieved by the illustrator’s choice of coloured backgrounds. It’s a fun book, so I couldn’t resist asking Davide which is his favourite chocolate – the answer is bitter black, although he pops in some white for a change. As to the type of chocolate-eater he is, he told me he discovered the pleasures of the Well-Mannered Nibble whilst researching, but after a couple of weeks reverted to The Production Line (you really must see the pictures to appreciate these).

The Well-Mannered Nibbler

The Production Line

An aspect of the illustrations in his book that is of vital concern to him is to check the expressions in the eyes of the characters – in this book they all needed to be changed to achieve the effect he wanted. He is amused that for the Egyptian edition the mother had to be redrawn flat-chested!

– Interview by Jo Goodman, ‘Know the Author Davide Cali‘, Magpies Volume 27.

If you like to sign up for this excellent industry publication visit the Magpies website here. 

If you LIKE Wilkins Farago Facebook page before midnight on Easter Sunday you will also be entered into a prize draw to win this exceptional Easter book bundle: a signed copy of I Like Chocolate, a poster from our new book The Little Eskimo (also by Davide) and some delicious Easter chocolates from Monsieur Truffe (our most loyal stockist of I Like Chocolate).

Easter Book Bundle


Little Melbourne plugs Davide Cali visit: blog tour day 12

I Like Chocolate

Fat free and contains no traces of nuts.

DAY TWELVE, and we’re starting to get excited: Davide Cali arrives in Australia in just three days’ time! In today’s instalment of the blog tour, we’re off to popular kids activity website Little Melbourne, which provides a profile of Davide and his books, as well as his Australian tour dates. They’re also running a competition to win a copy of Davide Cali and Evelyn Daviddi’s delicious picture book, I Like Chocolate.

Little Melbourne is the guide to all the latest happenings in and around Melbourne for babies, toddlers and kids. They provide your daily dose of the inside scoop on what’s cool in Melbourne to do, see, visit, eat, play and create.

The Davide Cali blog tour is taking place from 1 to 15 May, as a countdown to Davide’s first visit to Australia from 16 to 28 May. Every day, some of Australia’s most interesting book bloggers will be posting interviews with him, reviewing his books, offering giveaways and maybe giving a sneak peak of his award-winning new book, 10 Little Insects.

You can check out the full blog tour here.

Davide Cali’s 2012 Australian tour is an initiative of the National Year of Reading

Davide Cali blog tour starts today!

DAY ONE. Kids Book Review kicked off the Davide Cali blog tour today.

Each hour, Kids Book Review will post reviews of Davide Cali’s books, culminating tonight with an exclusive feature interview with the author. They’re also running a fabulous competition to win a complete set of his Wilkins Farago books.

Kids Book Review is a 100% voluntary children’s literature and book review site. It covers news, reviews, interviews, articles, guest posts, events, specialist literacy articles and much more, attracting readers from all over the world including teachers, librarians, industry professionals and parents and kids. They achieve over 55,000 hits per month (and growing), and are one of the most respected literary sites on the web.

Davide Cali arrives in Australia on 16 May for a 2-week tour.

The Davide Cali blog tour is taking place between today and 15 May, as a countdown to Davide’s first visit to Australia from 16 to 28 May. Every day some of Australia’s most interesting book bloggers will be posting interviews with him, reviewing his books, offering giveaways and maybe giving a sneak peak of his award-winning new book, 10 Little Insects.

You can check out the full blog tour here.

Erm, does anyone out there like chocolate?

I Like Chocolate

Fat free and contains no traces of nuts.

EASTER IS ON its way and it’s time to think about chocolate! We like to think we have a low calorie alternative to the usual Easter chocolate binge, in the form of Davide Cali and Evelyn Daviddi‘s delightful I Like Chocolate. The picture book is a celebration of chocolate in all its forms and, with its positive messages about sharing and moderation, it’s an ideal gift for the chocolate-loving youngster.

One shop in Australia has sold more copies of I Like Chocolate than any other, and you may be surprised to learn it’s not a bookshop.

Melbourne chocolatier Monsieur Truffe has been stocking the book since its release and has sold a stack of them. So, if you find yourself in the Melbourne suburbs of Collingwood or East Brunswick, why not drop in on Thibault and his crew and pick up something special for Easter? You could also book yourself into their popular chocolate appreciation class while you’re there. (I imagine the dropout rate for that class is quite low.)

Incidentally, you can read Davide Cali’s reminiscences of how he came to write the book here.

Monsieur Truffe

Davide Cali: the banner

ANNA HAS JUST completed a natty looking promotional banner for Davide Cali, who is touring in May.

The banner, which emphasises Cali’s enormous reputation across Europe, has been starring at the Leading Edge Books annual conference this past weekend, and we’ll be using it at events throughout Cali’s visit.

It’s also served to remind us just how many books we’ve published by this innovative, thought-provoking and witty author over the past five years. We’re typesetting a new book right now too – of which, more anon!

Davide Cali coming to Australia in 2012

We've published eight of Davide Cali's books so far.

A great Christmas present for us and Australian kids. One of Europe’s top kids’ writers, Swiss-Italian Davide Cali, is going to tour Australia in May 2012. The tour is part of our activities as a Partner of the National Year of Reading 2012. We’ve set up a special page for his tour, which you can view here.