‘Empty Fridge’ is a treat: Babyology

Great little review of our latest picture book, Gaetan Doremus’ Empty Fridge, on the Babyology website. Here’s an extract:

A detail from the climax of Gaetan Doremus’ Empty Fridge

So for all the parents who have stood, staring into the cupboard for dinner inspiration, comes Empty Fridge, by French author and illustrator Gaetan Doremus.

Empty Fridge is a story about dinner time at a five-storey apartment building. The residents have all had busy days and, on returning home, find their cupboards practically bare. One has some carrots, another has some peas. One has some eggs and another some capsicum. None of these ingredients alone is enough to make a meal but what happens when all the neighbours get together?

In the top-floor apartment, Rose takes stock of all the ingredients and suggests they make a quiche. Everyone works together, slicing and dicing vegetables and rolling pastry to cook their communal meal. The neighbours decide to eat outside and discover that the whole neighbourhood has gathered to eat together, which is where my favourite line from the book is used:

“Thousands of quiches are shared and eaten. Slices of quiche, slices of life.”


Empty Fridge is a treat – from its large format, fridge-like shape to the beautifully detailed drawings of people in their houses.

Empty Fridge has been chosen as the Focus Book for this year’s Social Inclusion Week.

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3 thoughts on “‘Empty Fridge’ is a treat: Babyology

  1. Thanks , Wilkins, for the nice review.
    I think I’ll add it to my to-read list. I liked the story and the cover is wonderful. I think it’s the kind of book that teaches little kids the importance of sharing and working together. I love the books that can teach a great important lesson through an interesting entertaining story. Unfortunately, I can see that the publication date is June 1st. I wanted to start reading the book right away I guess we’ll have to wait.
    Waiting for more of your suggestions for my to-read list for 2013.

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