A fun day out at the Children’s Book Market

The Wilkins Farago stand was busy all day

WE had a great time at Saturday’s Children’s Book Market at Melbourne’s Federation Square. As well as selling a few books (must remember that’s the point of having a book publishing company!), we got the chance to talk to a lot of members of the public and get their (overwhelmingly positive) feedback on our books.

Because our books are primarily sold through bookshops, we don’t often get a chance for this kind of direct interaction, and it’s invaluable in all sorts of ways.

We also got a chance to meet the people from i2Kids, an online bookstore that specialises in bringing mostly foreign language children’s books into Australia. What a great idea. Hopefully, you’ll be able to buy our books from their website shortly.

And a BIG thank you to Books Illustrated‘s Ann James for giving our boys two of the paintings she did beneath a watchful video camera, which projected her work brush-stroke by brushstroke onto a large video screen. Being able to watch one of Australia’s top illustrators at work was a real treat.

This was a special event arranged for Children’s Book Week, and the people at Federation Square plan to have more kids’ book markets in future. We’ll certainly come again if they happen.


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