Using book trailers to promote books online

Ulysses Bookstore

Ulysses Bookstore

A NICE little plug for David Cali and Anna Laura Cantone’s new picture book, What is this thing called love?, on the blog of Ulysses Bookstore. The store, in Melbourne’s beachside suburb of Sandringham, makes good use of the video book trailer we have created for the book.

Over the past two years, we’ve made video trailers for all our new books and actively encourage booksellers and bookbloggers to embed them in their own websites and blogs. WE post the videos on the Wilkins Farago Youtube channel.

Embeddding is really easy to do. Just click the ‘Share’ button under the Youtube video you want to share and then the ‘Embed’ button. Youtube automatically generates a block of HTML code to cut and paste into your own web page. You can even adjust the size of the video to put your own site.

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