‘The Red Piano’ featured in ‘The Australian’


Feature on 'The Red Piano' in 'The Australian', 9 November 2009

The Red Piano by André Leblanc & Barroux is the subject of a half-page feature in today’s The Australian newspaper.

The major feature, by pianist and author Anna Goldsworthy, is on page 17 of the paper, in the ‘A-plus’ arts section. It features a large and handsome colour illustration from the book, as well as detailing an interview with the book’s subject, the pianist Zhu Xiao-Mei.

Writes Goldsworthy:

‘The Cultural Revolution may seem a grim subject for a children’s book, but André Leblanc’s The Red Piano … unfolds with the simplicity of a parable. Set in a re-education camp on the border of Inner Mongolia, it tells a story of a young pianist and her love of Bach with handsome illustrations by Barroux in a restricted, oppressive palette, black for the piano, red for the politics.’

You can read the full story online here.


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